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Build stunning websites with user-friendly design and equipped with the latest technology to establish brand presence online. We emphasize on bringing aesthetic and functionality together as one.

Website Features

Essential for every successful website, including yours.

professional web design
Professional Web Design
  • More than 100 templates
  • Fit business perfectly
User Experience
  • User friendly features
  • Appealing & fresh design
mobile responsive
Mobile Responsive
  • Website designed to fit every screen size
  • Time efficient and cost effective
seo friendly
SEO Friendly
  • Built in SEO Tools
  • Plant meta tags effortlessly
  • Free to add, modify or remove website content
  • No technical knowledge required
social media
Social Media
  • Social Media Link Tools
  • Better cross-platform engagement
googel map
Google Map
  • Updated Google Map system
  • Ease visitors to discover your business location easily
safe and secure
Safe & Secure
  • Software and system are always up to date
  • Constant monitoring of website security

Web & Development Working Flow


At the beginning of the web development process, our team of experts will perform rigorous research on the website requirements. We would also schedule meeting with the clients to grab information such as but not limited to website functionalities, overall look, and design.

A few keys that we always look into as it has a direct impact towards the website usability:

  • User Experience Flow
  • Website Design Layout & Colour
  • Functionalities Flow

Web Concept & Design.

Once website requirements have been gathered in the front stage, our design team will start the creative work. Designers will work out the best design possible by integrating function flows and also UX/UI concepts. Once the mock-up is ready, we will send the website design to the client for review and approval. An approved web design is then ready to go for web development stage.

Web Development.

Once the web design is approved, it is time for the development stage. Our programming team are in charge of developing the website from scratch. We always emphasize on integrating the latest CMS system as well as web technologies for all our clients. The newly developed website will be shown to the client for review through UAT (User Acceptance Testing) link.

Examples of elements that are heavily tested in the development stage based on the website requirements:

  • Buttons linkage
  • Page linkage
  • System functionalities
  • E-commerce functionalities
  • Appointment system


Right after the content, structure, and functionalities of the website have been confirmed in the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) link, the new website is ready to launch in its specific domain. When it is launched in its specific domain, public users can easily access the website and start enquiring for information through the website.

Maintenance & Support.

Our team of experts are here to provide maintenance & support services for our clients. Clients are encouraged to sign our maintenance service package for a hassle-free service when frequent updates are required.

Once the website is aired on the market, clients can opt for additional services from us by engaging our SEO service, Google Ads service, Social Media Management service, or even PR service to increase the online presence of the company.

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